We work closely with our clients to produce brand assets that speak to their audience in clear and effective ways.


E X P E R I E N C E:   2 0 + Y E A R S
Chuck is a creative director with experience in corporate identity, branding, editorial design, and all forms of marketing. Drawing from extensive experience of having worked in agencies, studios and in-house creative departments, he has produced solutions for a wide variety of major brands and Fortune 500 companies. Chuck has worked for some of Houstons' most reputable design firms and corporations producing projects in a wide range of different industries and has won numerous awards along the way.

I N T E R E S T S:
When not trying to create a persona that projects depth and mystery, Chuck’s creativity and passion is fueled by an addiction to coffee, sci-fi, and an obsession with heavy round objects.



E X P E R I E N C E:   1 5 + Y E A R S
With a strong background in marketing and branding, Loren is focused on project management and digital strategy. Keeping things on track, Loren leads business development and is the main point of contact for clients. He focuses on building a deep understanding of all our clients' marketing objectives to ensure effective communication, while ensuring that client relationships begin with a thorough understanding of challenges and goals to help strategize and steer the solutions.

I N T E R E S T S:
Loren’s excellent relationship-building and problem-solving skills stem from a complete lack of ability to play any kind of competitive sport. He is inspired by art, design, architecture, and all things dog and cat.